This week!

Critically, I've been writing about a Tom Clancy comic that unexpectedly held my interest, and more Webtoons! You can read these ahead of time on my Patreon, or wait it out at WWAC.

On the editorial slate: some lettering feedback for Tata Rambo #2!Plenty of BUN&TEA material coming in! That KS is set to launch (really for seriously for real) on the sixteenth... Praise be to the bun in the moon.

Plus, I'm looking at thumbs and script for BOOK THREE of Hari Conner's Finding Home (the book two collection just funded over on Kickstarter, and you can read along as it updates on Tapas)! Hari & I had a big Skype session about where they want to take this last volume of the trilogy a while back, so I'm excited to start seeing the scenes we discussed come to life! I love this comic so much! Janek and Chepi are  such good boys!

Plus, the Incident Report KS from Attic Door Media is coming up soon. They brought me on to edit their first issue, which is totally charming. I love their starter premise: what if superheroes, but civil servants? The mundane, organised, world that would follow the advent of superpowers in the general population. Their protagonist Anne is a social worker who can also set things on fire just because she wants to—the former is far more important to her than the latter. Look for the press release soon!

A few secret projects on the go as well, and a pitch I'm working on with a collaborator is getting exciting. When someone brings up a reference they have in mind and it's exactly the one were also thinking of, that has to be a good sign. Huhuhuhu~

Edits in the wild: remember to keep an eye on Cafe Suada to enjoy Cup 8! And Murder #2 should be ready to go reeeeeal soon. If you haven't read Ashanti Fortson's smallness yet, it's here for pay-what-you-want, La Voz de M.A.Y.O Tata Rambo #1 is here, and Finding Home volume one is available here.

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