This week

This week I've been writing about: LINE Webtoons! The adaptation of screenplays to comics! The history of Valiant! Look for those in coming times... or get'em early on Patreon. Wink wink wink~

True Beauty by Yaongyi on LINE Webtoon

This week I've been editing: secret matters for BUN&TEA! Secret matters for contracted writers! Lettering and a couple panel details for Tata Rambo #2!

Plus: lil bit of my own work! Listed a couple things on depop! Cooked erryday as per usual! More unusually, made some more biscuits, made some small burger buns. Planted a couple plants and watered the rest! Annnd did a little swim, did a little shopping. It's sunny, it's warm, it's nice. A solid summer work week.

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