Oh, last week?

This last week I've been editing Cup 8 of Jade Sarson's Cafe Suada! Cafe Suada is a tea (and coffee)-themed romcomic, and thank goodness that that flag is still flying high in the Brit-comics scene.

Cup 7 has just wrapped up on Smack Jeeves & Webtoon... which means you have a little time to catch up on the story so far before Cup 8 starts. Jade's turn-of-the-millennium romance manga and j-drama-y influences shine clear (delicious) but their dual commitments to reflecting the genuine diversity of everyday English life and cliche-slicing development of familiar themes (personal growth, love vs career, I-won't-say-I'm-in-love... all the faves) keep the reader dancing on their toes! Don't miss it.

Cafe Suada, Jade Sarson
Cafe Suada, Jade Sarson

I've also been looking over the copy on the Incident Report Kickstarter, for Attic Door Media. They're planning to launch in July to print their first issue (which I edited)—be ready to pledge! They're taking a purposefully mundane view of superpowers: if people really got them, they'd be drafted into civil service asap, right?

Allor just got word of when the MYSTERY PROJECT described on my "Comics I Edit" page will be solicited! Hurrah, hurrah. Look for it in September's Previews, and pick it up in November. A wait, but worth it. For real! Title to be revealed... whenever the heck we're allowed to.

And, of course, I'm currently signing off on (and making last, demanding, yet astute and ideal comments on) pages for BUN&TEA's first chapters so we can have the first issue done before we Kickstart (as opposed to having everything fully planned, then completing the final pages once the money was in). Working with a publisher instead of driving everything according to my mystic inner compass is a whole new world... but don't you dare close your eyes! You're gonna want the indescribable feelings our stories are set to serve.

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