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Kickstarter funded!

Yes! As of writing, BUN&TEA #1 is fully funded, with forty-nine hours left for you to get in there and back us!

I've been away from home for a couple of weeks, visiting family and then housesitting for family. Which has made the stress of a campaign much easier to manage. Ha! No, that's a joke. Although, who knows? I certainly had some restful times. Anyway, being back home now, I'm getting back into a more normal daily process again. Today I've been returning notes on the final pages of our issue one comics stories. Next up: some slightly overdue notes getting sent off to Hari Conner.

My first Webtoons column went up at WWAC, as well as my review of William Gibson's Alien 3.



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Dublin comics tip~

If you're in or near Dublin, hop to Forbidden Planet tomorrow (Saturday 13th July, 2019) for their SMALL PRESS DAY event! You can meet the really excellent Spanish artist Marcos Martin, which is nice.

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