Home decor for the budgeted maximalist

  • Tesco sells daffs for £1 a bunch; this is two in a heavy charity shop glass vase on a charity shop folding table

  • Original art was £10 in Sue Ryder; RGB issue £1 at a longbox show with charity shop frame; portrait with nice lighting cut from a magazine with £1 clip frame

  • Batou portrait cut from Intron Depot in £1 clip frame; Vogue page in same

  • Skull vase with succulent in Morrison's on sale after halloween; monkey cup from Gran's attic; Green Hornet figures bought at toy specialist when I was a wild-spendin' student; tea tin now with sweets in; Groke plush was a gift; the BIG SPLASH here is the Monin syrup. In hot chocolate, breakfast oats, cocktails, hot lemon water, cold lemon water... Worth it!!

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