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Busy, BUSY!

The BUN&TEA serial comics magazine first issue Kickstarter is LIVE! You can support our hard work, and get yourself some GREAT COMICS in return. We're already featured as a Projects We Love, which is amazing! But... I mean, who wouldn't love us? We're very loveable. And so is Bunton.

Cafe Suada Cup 8 has started up on Jade's Patreon—you can catch it there or wait for updates on SmackJeeves and other sites.

Matt Loisel's MURDER issue two, which I edited, is almost done! To celebrate that he's giving away issue one (which I didn't edit, but which sets up issue two nicely) for free TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY (Thursday and Friday) with the code "melatonin"—go snag it here!

Henry Barajas sent me the script for La Voz de M.A.Y.O. Tata Rambo #3! I love this comic. It's a strong draft, but I've already sent him back some notes. We're on track for our September deadline! Gonzo has been filing his #2 pages as well—Bernardo Brice, our letterer, is turning pages right back around like the champion he is. It's been a while, but issue two is nearly ready to go out.

Hari Connor and I have been talking about how best they should approach Finding Home volume three (subtitle: The Prince). The arc is planned, the themes are strong—it's just a matter of making sure everything gets woven precisely into place. It's gonna be amazing. The prologue is settled—next up... the rest! Hari also just sent me a copy of volume two, which they Kickstarted earlier this year, plus some prints. So beautiful! So chunky! Such a good book! I'm beyond happy I get to be a part of it. If you want a copy of volume two, The Healer, and didn't back that campaign you can preorder it here.

And if you're sad about missing that Kickstarter... go back mine! Follow us on instgram: @bunandteacomic—and everywhere with the hashtag #meetthebunpen.

Plenty more's going on behind the scenes. Stay tuned!

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