Podcast appearances

Cinematic Universe: The Matrix. I appear as a guest on this podcast about how film franchises relate to their source comics, and we talk about ethical attribution, Shrek, and textual queerness.

Alpha Pod Flight second appearance: critical commentary about teen girls in comics, cruelty vs inclusivity, AIDS narratives in the 80s, Jim Shooter & more.

That's The Issue appearance, discussing my childhood reading Bunty comics magazine, plus the literary value of the X-Men and my magazine project BUN&TEA

BBC Front Row appearance, on Diversity & Marvel Comics

The Final Chapter... and Beyond, episode three, critically discussing the Highlander film and television franchise

Multiversity Pod guest spot, about Claire Chrismont, my "critical separation" X-Men comic

Alpha Pod Flight appearance: critical commentary on John Byrne's Alpha Flight

Supplement to the above: conus additional X-Men chat

The Final Chapter... and Beyond, a film podcast about series with four or more parts, discussing The Prince and Me

Viewing Seasons: James Bond, American Girls and Nicolas Cage. A short chat about film home viewing at Ms En Scene

Frank Discussions: critical commentary on Marvel's Punisher. I join Kelly to discuss PUNISHER FASHION

Giant Podcast Ring-Out Attack: Godzilla film discussion, one episode only (or... is it)

WWACRadio: comics discussion and interview show, which I hosted in 2014

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