Podcasts, YouTube and Radio

Shelfdust Presents: X-Men #1 (1991) Following my prior writing on the subject, we move into discussion of how editor Bob Harras' legacy is reflected in both the issue and it's continuing mythic presence "in comics."

The Comics Pals: Talking about the craft of comics editing and the philosophy of comics criticism with The Comics Pals

Thrillcast Lockdown Tapes: Bill Savage and Invasion: Mike Molcher of Rebellion Publishing asks me about original 2000ad strip Invasion, which was reborn in the 21st century as Savage

Shelfdust Presents: Giant Days #1: Discussing Giant Days' first issue (with BOOM! anyway) on the comics crit site Shelfdust's home podcast.

The Girls' Comics Revolution: a digital panel for NYCC 2020: Joelle Monique, Olivia Hicks, RAMZEE, Michael Molcher, Rosie Knight and myself discuss the state of British girls' comics and girls as a historic readership demographic for comics.

Desert Island Discworld: Soul Music: Talking to Al Kennedy about the Discworld novel Soul Music—the joys and sorrows of girls as portagonists, romance as a perspective, rock aesthetics and coolness. (Anti-terf caveat)

Cinematic Universe: The Matrix. I appear as a guest on this podcast about how film franchises relate to their source comics, and we talk about ethical attribution, Shrek, and textual queerness.

Alpha Pod Flight second appearance: critical commentary about teen girls in comics, cruelty vs inclusivity, AIDS narratives in the 80s, Jim Shooter & more.

That's The Issue appearance, discussing my childhood reading Bunty comics magazine, plus the literary value of the X-Men and my magazine project BUN&TEA

BBC Front Row appearance, on Diversity & Marvel Comics

The Final Chapter... and Beyond, episode three, critically discussing the Highlander film and television franchise

Multiversity Pod guest spot, about Claire Chrismont, my "critical separation" X-Men comic

Alpha Pod Flight appearance: critical commentary on John Byrne's Alpha Flight

Supplement to the above: bonus additional X-Men chat

The Final Chapter... and Beyond, a film podcast about series with four or more parts, discussing The Prince and Me

Viewing Seasons: James Bond, American Girls and Nicolas Cage. A short chat about film home viewing at Ms En Scene

Quantum Creep—TERRIBLE Parody Comic Movie Nights guest appearance: I join Allison Pregler to discuss...well, what it says on the tin. ~Oh boy~

Frank Discussions: critical commentary on Marvel's Punisher. I join Kelly to discuss PUNISHER FASHION

Giant Podcast Ring-Out Attack: Godzilla discussion, one episode only (or... is it)

WWACRadio: comics discussion and interview show, which I hosted in 2014