I edit scripts, thumbnails, and combinations thereof for independent, professional and DIY comics creatives, including Hari Connor's DiNK Award-winning Finding Home. And I can do it for you! Any genre, projects big & small. Let's make your comic the BEST IT CAN BE!

Why hire me? What can an editor do for your independent comic/super-great script/creative drive?


In this context:


An editor is your first reviewer— and nobody reads what they thought but you.


An editor asks the questions only you can answer about your story, while you can still go back answer them in the text;


An editor will tell you what’s too confusing, while you can still rearrange things so they’re clear when you publish;


An editor can respond to the themes you’re dealing with, while you’re still dealing with them, so you can make them as prominent, as textured, or even as absent as you desire;


An editor will point out connections you didn’t intend, so you can remove them to preserve the clarity of your vision (or draw them out further because they suddenly inspire you);


An editor will ask you if you’re sure, so you can discover whether you are or not;


An editor will make suggestions which you can come up with better versions of, because it’s your story;


An editor will absorb your characters’ voices, and give their opinion about whether they feel there are anomalies in their speech or actions— so you can be sure this character is registering as you want them to, that there aren’t any accidental misleads for your readership, and when your foreshadowing is working;

An editor will make sure you're providing enough information for your artist, before you give them something confusing to work with;


An editor will check your spelling! And...


An editor will provide the affirmation and supportive challenge that will allow you the full confidence in your work that it deserves.


Will an editor be nice to me?


Do I have to pay for this excellent service?

Also yes. But I charge hourly rates, and feedback for a single issue usually takes about one hour. My base rate is £45 or $60 (US) per hour's work. This includes reading, notes taken, further discussion of anything perplexing by email, and (if you prefer it) Skype discussion or workshopping. Depending on what you have to show me and how much work it needs, one hour of my time might cover a script or thumbnails of between twenty and forty pages. You can cap my time or give me free rein; it's all negotiable. I'm happy to look at a project in any state, and to look at multiple drafts. I want to work with you!

Can you give me a sense of what this process is like?


I sure can. Here's an example of the sort of notes I'd offer a writer on a script. It's also fine to send me thumbnails or layouts with dialogue, or any form of comic at any point in your process—but if you have a script that needs looking at, this should give you the sense of the kind of help, advice and questioning that I'll be offering.

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