In the bag: some

successful collaborations

Many projects I'm working on remain in private process—look forward to seeing word of them soon! Those available to read can be sampled below.


Miskatonic High #10

Coming onto established indie comic Miskatonic High at its tenth issue, for dialogue consultation rather than more traditional editorial input, was great fun. Plans are for this collab to continue into issue eleven!

Miskatonic High by Mike Shea and Ryan Mendoza

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 18.31.28.png

WILD NATURE: David F Taylor's ongoing action serial, drawing on the death sport satires of the 1980s—like The Running Man, Robocop, and British comics classics Harlem Hellcats, Inferno, or Dragon's Claws.

"In the future, traditional sports are gone and brutal death games are what the fans Want. Swan was the greatest killer of all time and now he wants a new life. But leaving his violent past behind is going to be pure murder.

"Working with Claire is constant fun!" —DF Taylor

Written and illustrated by David Taylor | Colour flats by John Siozon"


HELM GREYCASTLE: Henry Barajas and Bryan Valenza co-create a vision of alternate history and fantastic arrival. Helm Greycastle—Barbarian, husband, and dad—and his roving band of warriors and magicians find themselves thrust unespectedly into the roiling political landscape of an Aztec empire that repelled the Spanish invasion. Will they, too be repelled? Is all as it seems in Tenochtitlan? Find out in this four issue mini series from Image Comics, issue one out now. Barajas scripts, Valenza colours, Rahmat Handoko is on line art and Downie provides letters.

NAMEDROP: Secret projects workshopped and in background progress with Alex Paknadel & Paul Allor! Ooooo

Helm Greycastle #1 variant cover by David Lapham


GOTH: Young Lovers at War [buy on Comixology, at the link] is "the first in an exciting, genre-bending series of Goth one-shots from critically-acclaimed writer Paul Allor and exciting newcomer Seth Adams! When a young Visigoth warrior named Dolphus finds himself spurned by his lover, Gerda, he throws himself into battle, seeking an honorable death that never seems to come. As desperation takes hold, Gerda works to save him... preferably in the most painful way possible. It's the third-century CE, and love... love will tear them apart. For the first time."

"I find working with Claire to be less constant fun and more a difficult process of constant but incremental improvement of my writing skills, so she brings whatever the client needs to the table." —Paul Allor

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 19.31.51.png

Jade Sarson's Cafe Suada—a tea, coffee, romance comic! Jade contacted me for an editorial eye on Cups eight and nine!!

When most people think of Jade Sarson, they think of their webcomic Cafe Suada, a popular teacentric story available both online and in print.

“Down by the riverside there is a quaint little teahouse run by our heroine, Geraldine, who’s only desire is to spread her love of the golden beverage - But what’s going to happen to her business when a new coffee house springs up right next door?! And what is the meaning of Cafe Suada? Guess you’d better read and find out, huh?”

Tea leaves, coffee beans and a dash of romance, what’s not to like? A quaint, slightly eccentric twist on the slice of life genre with teastained visuals. Nominated in 2013 for the British Comic Awards [—which was nothing to do with me, but imagine how good it must be NOW!].

“This is one of those most wonderful of things; a lovely and well constructed quirky rom-com.”

- Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet

“This is incredibly confident storytelling that shows a deep understanding of the language of comics and the unique potential that sequential art has for communicating ideas.”

- Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier


Cafe Suada, Jade Sarson, 2019

LA VOZ DE M.A.Y.O. Tata Rambo  A comic about how Ramon Jaurigue & M.A.Y.O. helped the Yaqui tribe prove to the federal government that they were here first. Henry Barajas, a journalist and comedian, tells the story of how his activist great-grandfather fought for Native and Latinx American civil rights in the 1970s. Jason "Gonzo" Gonzalez provides the art from pencil to colour and makes the project sing. A true story that mustn't be forgotten, La Voz De M.A.Y.O.: Tata Rambo is a great read and a piece of previously overwritten history. We have successfully kickstarted the print and digital publication of issues one, two and three, and the collected volume (featuring tons of bonus elements, such as Henry's primary research and historical documentation) is available in paperback from Top Cow at Image Comics.

La Voz was chosen for the ALA's top 100 Graphic Novels for Adults list of 2020, and is available to buy in the Smithsonian book shop, among other places.


Hari Conner’s Finding Home has been running as a regular webcomic for some time— long enough to garner award nominations (Myriad First Graphic Novel competition 2018, Prism awards 2017) and even wins (Best Artist, 2017 SICBA; Excellence in drama, StArt Faire awards 2018; Best Webcomic, DiNKy Awards 2018). Luckily for those who enjoy an analogue reading experience Finding Home is also available in print: Thought Bubble, the UK’s premier comics convention, saw the official launch of volume one.


Finding Home volume one: The Traveller collects the first full arc of this slow-burn, romantic adventure between Chepi, a dryad shut out from the world of mortal science that he loves, and Janek, an inn cook on a long journey back from a visit to his sister. Janek needed a guide, and he found one. Chepi is confident in his competence, but insecure socially and dealing with a thorny recovery period following a mental health crisis; Janek is humble but straightforward, prone to questioning Chepi’s subtleties. Circumstances have thrown opposites together, and there's certainly an attraction, but sustained cooperation with a stranger can be tricky. What's the solution? Well, they become less strange and try being... friends. Friends, right? Friends! Just friends. Good friends. It's only practical.


Finding Home volume two: The Healer collects the second book in the Finding Home trilogy, also currently serialising on Tapas and elsewhere. As they grow closer on their long journey together, Chepi struggles with anxiety, past trauma, and his complicated new feelings for Janek. Janek doesn’t understand his friend’s hesitance and is unsure if the spark he feels between them is even real. With time running out before their journey ends and dangers lurking on the path before them, can they make it home at all?

Finding Home is a winding journey across a magical landscape, made angerous by gremlins on the external and internal type. Somewhere between a queered Lord of the Rings and 2014's Wild, Hari Connor's opus is unmissable.


Incident Report #1 achieved over 300% funding on Kickstarter, and I've seen issues two and three from this team as well. Attic Door Media's Incident Report is a story about public servants in a world where things are weird—

The International Chimeran Administration (ICA) was designed to provide assistance to both the general population and Chimerans alike. Founded in 1949, the ICA has multiple branches in over 150 countries around the world. 

Almost since its inception, the ICA has supported communities by establishing a strong presence in the following fields:

  • Law Enforcement

  • Education

  • Social Work

Above all, the ICA works to maintain peace, establish order and to contain the chaos that a world of super powers can bring.

Incident Report is a modern-day super-powered comic book centred around agents for the ICA. Read more about the creators' ideas for their world in this interview with The Selkie!

Mark Romero, Ryan Best, HdE Ponosby. Look out for Paulina Ganucheau's variant cover!


Murder #2: Emiliano Correa, Micah Myers, Matthew Loisel & Brittany Loisel

1 small.jpg

MURDER issues #2 and #2.1

After producing issue 1, and having smashed a Kickstarter to produce issue two, Matt Loisel and team brought me on board to script-edit their second issue, and its follow-up mini. MURDER is about black superheroes saving abused animals, and racing against time to prevent a world disaster based in... animal telepathy?! Yes—And it's a cute, funny, romantic ride. Currently in the art production stage, MURDER #2 and #2.1 are available online now.

Ashanti Fortson’s one-shot comic smallness follows recently-fired Akma’s journey across the farthest reaches of space, as she searches for a way to escape the magnitude of her mistakes. Investigating how, in our emotional lives, we can miss the forest for the trees—or the galaxy for the planets?—smallness offers a cycle of life that we all know intimately but can still find ourselves needing a guide for. From misery through confusion and self-recrimination to peace, Akma’s emotional centre is laid open on the page. It's catharsis waiting to happen.


Fortson applies an immediately viable futuristic aesthetic and some classic fantastic motifs to social events familiar to the past and present, making this thirty-two page sci-fi a timeless examination of the heart and head accessible to fans of any genre. Children will love that Akma finds her way to a moment of happiness; teenagers and adults will understand how she makes the trip. All will be delighted by the beings who lend their help— every time they read and re-read.

Full color throughout, smallness is available in print at Fortson’s Etsy shop and in PDF format on Fortson’s page.

J A Micheline's back-up story in Image's Wolf #8

Script edits for this vampire story story were a joy to do.