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MY LOVE DOES NOT DESERVE ME: A horror-romance mini drawn by Ten Van Winkle and coloured by Anastasia Longoria. Currently in production. A girl in a long dress runs from a big house into a garden maze, to meet her betrothed. But why is she so nervous? What's in the maze?

Current projects in progress:

UNTITLED DEMON GONDOLIER SHORT: Whenever a couple adds alove lock to a bridge, they're visited in their dreams by the gondoliers who will test their love on the waterways of Dark Venice. Moodboard linked on Pinterest!

VERDI & BOUNCE TRY A NEW ROMANCE: A horror-romance mini-comic scripted by me, drawn by {SECRET], currently in production. When you don't know anyone at uni, parties can be stressful. Why does Verdi go outside (and back inside) with a boy she's never met? Limited moodboard linked on Pinterest.

I FELL IN LOVE WITH A MALL SANTA: Career woman-turned-slacker romance comedy comic, with fairly obvious focus. Festive. Scripted by me, hopefully drawn by Maddi Gonzalez. Script written; needs funding.

SECRET-TITLED INDULGENT MAGICAL KNIGHTS PROJECT: Post-harassment revenge romance, with magic swords. Set mostly in junk shop. Scripted by me; drawn by Raquel Kusiak. Script written; needs funding.

FUCK THAT OLD FRIAR: Revenge thriller romance comic set in the tenth century in England. Inspired by Godfrey Ho's Ninja 8: Warriors of Fire, a retelling of Ding Sin Saai's Queen Bee. Monks replace ninjas. Outlines solid; scripts in progress. Needs funding. Moodboard linked on Pinterest

THIS IS MY HEIR (METAL): Betty Neels romance meets Shock 'Em Dead: a nice girl gets a position as housekeeper to a reformed "demon worshipping" rock star. They don't get along—will that change when the baby he made with the (literal) angel who saved his soul is left on their doorstep? Probably. Development stages. Needs funding.

DASH DEARBORNE AND THE UNEXPECTED EARTHMAN Issue 2: Space adventure romance script & thumbnails currently with editor. Issue one available below.

DOOM'S FOURTH: Romance/teen superhero boarding school horror pastiche. A very altered retelling of Extreme Studios' 90s miniseries/couldabeen franchise DOOM'S IV. Inking final chapters. Maybe one day I'll even scan it.

A brand new comic from longtime comics critic, Claire Napier (Women Write About Comics, Comics Alliance) is debuting at TCAF! Dash Dearborne and the Unexpected Earthman is the Tomb Raider-inspired space romance you never knew you needed.

Puzzle runner Dash Dearborne is after the biggest score of her life. Meeting (and flirting with) Bernard, a linguist who may just hold the key to adventure, romance, and a huge pay day, must be fate.

This 36 page comic is available digitally or at in print from Bleating Heart Press via Gumroad


A personal project: Extreme Studios' 1993-1994 comic DOOM'S IV, reimagined: what if instead of being contextually unanchored and largely baffling, this story and these characters were specifically relevant to my literary background and creative interests? Instead of a random assortment of people who got hit by cosmic rays thanks to capitalism, DOOM'S FOUTH is about year ten boarding school pupils who get magically experimented on, thanks to the sinister urges at the root of capitalism. They get superpowers, but more importantly they get to deal with each others' bullshit. Five issues; currently unavailable.


A personal project unbinding myself (further discussed on the PODCASTS AND RADIO page) from X-Men fandom by writing a What If: What If "canon" has all been a fever dream, and there's a real, happier, digest-sized story underneath it? One issue, currently unavailable.

LOVE: THE GREATEST UNDERTAKING: A personal project imagining WWF character The Undertaker on a roadtrip he's taken to find himself. Set just prior to the debut of BikerTaker. Comedic.

Personal project: Extreme Ghostbusters romance comic, tying off the loose ends left by the final episodes of the cartoon. Currently unavailable.

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