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About me:

I meant to be a cartoonist—but there was too much to think through first, so I became a critic. I was Features Editor at Women Write About Comics for six years, and Editor in Chief for almost one. I still write critically there—you can support my unpaid criticism on Patreon—mostly covering Webtoon titles, and at Shelfdust, as well as publishing occasional pieces elsewhere (the Guardian, ComicsAlliance, Newsarama, Empire). I work on my own comics projects, both as cartoonist, scripter and as commissioning editor. The focus of my business is providing freelance editorial for both solo cartoonists and comic book teams.

I edit creator-owned comics, specialising in serial or chaptered work. Whether you're a solo cartoonist, a scripter, want input on the efficacy of your layouts or anything else, I'm here to help. Dialogue and structure are my favourite areas of focus, but if you hire me to edit your project I will make sure your plans and product are as polished as can be. It's your work, your story, your intentions—my pride is in making sure everybody can see it clearly. Send me your thumbnails, your scripts, or any other format, at hourly rates.


Previous books include Tata Rambo at Image, several successful independent Kickstarted projects, and the award winning webcomic and graphic novel series Finding Home.  Email me if you need me—I'm happy to speak via email, Skype, or drop notes into a shared document. A one-off consultation is fine, as are rates inquiries.

"Working with Claire is constant fun!" —DF Taylor

"I find working with Claire to be less constant fun and more a difficult process of constant but incremental improvement of my writing skills, so she brings whatever the client needs to the table. Anyway, hire her." —Paul Allor

"Working with Claire is not fun for me. It brings a palpable sense of relief, like taking off my girdle after a long day. But seriously, she's awesome. Hire with confidence." —Alex Paknadel

I previously proofread the geospatial industry journal xyHt, and would love to pass my eagle eye over your comics project, trade journal, or any other copy.